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Digital Seminarian offers a ready resource to explore next generation technology for theological learning. The resources and conversation will assist seminary leaders integrate new technology into teaching, learning, and assessment. Future seminary students will find tips and advice from current distance learning students. You can discuss your questions with skilled practitioners in a password-protected forum. Prospective students will find a blog for tips and valuable information as they search for a quality distance learning program.

  • Quickly gather new ideas for effective use of interactive technology with faculty and students.
  • Expand your understanding of how digital technology can support and strengthen transformational learning central to theological education.
  • Post comments as you respond to blog posts on next generation teaching and learning.

New technologies are bringing many changes to higher education. Some offer greater security and reliable access of information while reducing staff workloads and overall costs. Other new technologies offer students inviting new ways to learn enriching any class.

Two students doing draws from Dr. Meri MacLeod’s nearly twenty years as a theological educator and academic administrator. As dean of a 900-student program, she developed effective new administrative structures that reduced costs and increased enrollment. Later, leading the development of an ATS-approved distance MDiv Meri experienced first hand the work of creating a first-of-its-kind distance program from the ground up, including successful faculty transition and the development of new assessment designs that resulted in ATS program approval with accolades and first time national recognition for the seminary. Her work included the development of effective support systems and reduced or eliminated common distance program costs while increasing student, staff, and faculty satisfaction. In 2007, Meri was one of eight theological educators chosen to participate in a three-year grant funded study on spiritual formation in distance learning.

Meri teaches regularly in distance and residential programs thus staying current with research and emerging trends in the fields of learning with interactive technology, outcomes assessment, and academic administration. Through these experiences Meri has become a recognized expert in the administrative practice, teaching and research related to interactive learning and technology.

Meri MacLeod, Ph.D. | Short Bio

Meri MacLeod, Ph.D. provides consulting, facilitation, training and professional development for seminaries, denominations, and Christian organizations. Her strengths in interactive learning with technology, curriculum design, academic systems and strategy, organizational change, and learning assessment design have created demand for her services. She regularly conducts workshops on Appreciative Inquiry and leading effective change in organizations. Her most recent publications, including the paper solicited by ATS on distance learning, are available in Resources. Please email me at

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A Student’s Perspective:

“I have been acquainted with Dr. Meri MacLeod and her work for over 4 years both as a student in the distance learning M.Div. program at Western Theological Seminary and as a professional colleague. I am impressed with her ability to take an academic program traditionally offered to in-residence students and create a unique pathway for adult learners that blends elements of distance learning with in-residence educational methods. She beautifully attends to the many details necessary not only for the learning required in this academic program but also for creating community among learners, an essential for those wishing to develop the skills required today of pastors and other leaders of the church. My experiences with Dr. MacLeod’s program have been invaluable to my personal growth.”

Mark L. Britton, Pharm.D.
4th year DL M.Div. Student
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy

Quote by Evangelical Seminary Dean

“If Meri MacLeod speaks on distance learning, listen. Her mastery of the topic is matched by her enthusiasm. When we were contemplating online education, Meri was the first person I contacted and brought to campus. And now we’re moving ahead. I heartily recommend Meri to any school wishing to move into digital education.”

John V. Tornfelt, VPAA, Dean of the Faculty
Evangelical Seminary
Myerstown, PA

North Park Theological Seminary

“Dr. MacLeod is first an informed and able educator and designer of learning experiences. This is significant. It means that she comes from the perspective that technology supports, it doesn’t drive education.”

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Linda Cannell
Academic Dean (retired)
North Park Theological Seminary