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As an experienced theological educator and a successful leader of a “next generation” distance learning MDiv program, I bring together my experience and resources to provide you with up-to-date insight on learning in a digital world, whether on campus or online, in residence or at a distance. My experience as a dean provides me with the understanding of the challenges and complex issues facing academic leaders today. Here you will find resources and a community of colleagues that can support the work of transition to a 21st century seminary.

Get answers to your questions, recommendations from the experience of those who are in the transition with you and information you can use as you design and teach a new online course or wonder how to budget effectively for technology change. Join me in the regular blog, login to the password protected site for discussions of the real issues you face, or contact me directly. The mission of the Kingdom of God is unfolding in exciting new ways in this digital global world. Let’s engage it together in new and thoughtful ways!

Meri MacLeod, Ph.D.
Director, Digital Seminarian

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Quote by Evangelical Seminary Dean

“If Meri MacLeod speaks on distance learning, listen. Her mastery of the topic is matched by her enthusiasm. When we were contemplating online education, Meri was the first person I contacted and brought to campus. And now we’re moving ahead. I heartily recommend Meri to any school wishing to move into digital education.”

John V. Tornfelt, VPAA, Dean of the Faculty
Evangelical Seminary
Myerstown, PA

North Park Theological Seminary

“Dr. MacLeod is first an informed and able educator and designer of learning experiences. This is significant. It means that she comes from the perspective that technology supports, it doesn’t drive education.”

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Linda Cannell
Academic Dean (retired)
North Park Theological Seminary